Tajima TMEZ-SC1501

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Tajima TMEZ-SC1501

Tajima TMEZ-SC1501

From Tajima is the world’s first embroidery machine with automatic wire adjustment! The i-TM technology eliminates the need for manual adjustment of the voltage from the operator. The presser foot automatically senses the fabric and evaluates the upcoming seam type. Automatic adjustments are made according to stitch length, seam direction, type of seam, speed of machine and thickness of fabric.


Tajima TMEZ thinks for herself! It analyzes the stitches in a design and then automatically adjusts the tension according to the different stitch types in the design. Say goodbye to voltage adjustments.

  • No upper wire manual voltage adjustment for the driver
  • Automatic voltage adjustment based on wire type
  • Automatic voltage adjustment for switching from driving to satin seams
  • The presser foot automatically senses the fabric thickness
  • Automatic evaluation of upcoming stitch types and adjustment by stitch length, stitch direction, type of seam, machine speed and fabric of the fabric



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