Tajima TMBU-S1401C (360×500) S

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Tajima TMBU-S1401C (360×500) S

1-head embroidery machine with 14 needles

Embroidery machine for embroidery of obscure articles

  1. Do you need to embroider on golf bags?
  2. Need a more easy-to-use machine?
  3. Do you need to embroider on thick leather?
  4. Do you need to embroider faster on caps?
  5. Do you need to embroider different patterns?

Then this could be the embroidery machine for you. The TMBU-SC series is a new embroidery machine from Tajima for embroidery of large, long and heavy items.

    • In order to more easily embroider bulky and heavy items, such as golf bags, the space under the machine has been expanded. The machine table can be hydraulically raised and lowered with a foot pedal to facilitate loading/framing of these items.
    • A built-in laser marker (always in the right place) makes it easy to check the position of the needle and to set the starting position regardless of the thickness of the material.
    • This embroidery machine has an electronically controlled presser foot. The height of the presser foot is set according to the thickness of the material, which means that even hard-to-embroider materials such as leather, thick or stretchy materials will not flutter around. Wire breakage is also reduced thanks to this function.
    • TMBU-SC series embroidery machines are better than ever for cap embroidery. The reinforced cap frame has improved the stability of the embroidery and thus the speed of cap embroidery has been increased to 1000 rpm.
    • Equipped with a Tajima magnetic frame.



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– electronically controlled presser foot
– opportunity for „Fine Stitch Mode”
– laser marker makes it easy to position the embroidery properly
– cap embroidery up to 1000 rpm
– new model with LCD monitor
– USB or LAN connection for inputting embroidery patterns
– small grapple
– automatic over and underwire clip
– new wire guard sensor
– mechanical locking on needle wires that do not sew
– EU standard
– Tajima „Noise Reductions System”
– 2 of the largest frames that fit in the machine

complete with:
– LED lighting
– frames
– cap equipment
– integrated stand with hydraulically adjustable table for easier charging of heavy bags


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