Service and maintenance:
We provide comprehensive services on industrial sewing, embroidery machines, ironing, spreading, cutting, washing/dry cleaning equipment.
Our technical maintenance experts not only fix faults, they also periodically inspect installed systems for preventive purposes and to carry out technical examination and repair works.

Patterns for sewing:

– base size patterns digitizing, grading and alterating;
– marker creation with Accunest software;
– markers and patterns plotting;
– calculation of fabric consumption;
– data conversion from/to other CAD systems.

Embroidery digitizing:

We digitize embroidery designs using specialized digitizing software TAJIMA BY PULSE.

Labels printing:
Our thermo transfer printer can print one-sided and two-sided textile care, composition, size labels and self-adhesive paper labels. We use different materials for print: nylon, satin, self-adhesive paper labels in various sizes and shapes.
Printed labels are supplied cut or rolled-up.

Equipment rent:

Rent of sewing machines.


Our main objective – to deliver technologies that serve customers and achieve their goals.
Over 20 years, we have built up great knowledge around development and installation of technological solutions. As a consequence, we are in a position to give advice, offer recommendations and consult our customers in regards to selection and application of most suitable equipment.
After a thorough assessment of the customer’s needs, having analyzed the existing situation and the systems that have already been installed, we develop a concept of solution and detail the ways to achieve it. If support is necessary, we engage our suppliers – equipment producers.

Equipment show-room:

We constantly innovate the assortment of equipment in our show-room. Our customers are welcome to access equipment innovations and make practical trials.


We organize specialized seminars for our customers.

Our Service Plans

Embroidery machines

It is important to regularly service your embroidery machine, to avoid unnecessary downtime in production. We offer maintenance services of Tajima embroidery machines, which include checking the drive belt, needle bar heights, grippers, hooks and thread pickers, inspection and lubrication of the thread take up lever, inspection of the thread sensors, system software update in accordance with factory recommendations etc.

We also offer a service contract where both emergency service and regular maintenance service are included.

The service contract can be adapted to your needs.

Industrial sewing machines, welding machines and pressing equipment

A poorly maintained industrial sewing machine, welding machine or pressing equipment means greater risk for breakage of significant parts in the machine, which naturally leads to considerably higher costs. Welcome to us when you are in need of service of your industrial sewing machine, welding machine or pressing equipment.

We offer a service contract to ensure that your equipment will work for many years at the lowest total cost.

The service contract can be adapted to your needs.

Cutting machines

A cutting machine that stops in production often means rapidly high costs. It is therefore very important that the cutting machine is serviced regularly.

We recommend to sign a service contract with scheduled maintenance intervals.

The service contract can be adapted to your needs.