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At ACG Nyström you will find both small and large embroidery machines for embroidering various garments and articles, from greater production such as workwear to simpler name embroidery in shops.

The main equipment is of course the embroidery machine. We offer as standard 1-head, 2-head, 4-head, 6-head and 8-head embroidery machines from Tajima who are market leaders in their field. We provide everything from the small embroidery machine for shops, markets, fairs and web solutions to embroidery machines for the big production.

A good embroidery software is also important. We sell Tajima DG by Pulse, the strongest embroidery software on the market. We always provide training when purchasing new softare as well as training after upgrades. We also offer automation solutions with embroidery for your business and your website.

We provide embroidery accessories such as embroidery thread, backing, embroidery frames, special frames for embroidery, application materials, scissors, tweezers and embroidery needles. We offer embroidery aids such as hooping systems (Hoopmaster) for easy framing of the garment so that the user gets an efficient and ergonomic work environment. For cap embroidery, we offer a height-adjustable hooping system for optimum working height.

We offer training for your embroidery machine and methodology at various embroidery techniques (3D embroidery, application embroidery), either in conjunction with new purchases or on your existing embroidery machine. Our embroidery support has been recognized as fast and efficient.

We are your complete supplier in the embroidery industry!

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