Optitex Marker making suite

Optitex Marker making suite

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Save Time, Money, and Fabric

Save valuable time and resources by optimizing your use of fabric through automated nesting or manual placement of pieces on the marker table.

Get the most use of your fabric by organizing pieces on the cutting table using various criteria.

Streamline your workflow and save time by aggregating multiple PDS files for marking and nesting.

Increase your productivity by running multiple nesting processes.

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Optimizing the Marker Layout

Define Marker Orders

Select style and material for cutting and specify bundle quantities per specific garment size while supporting complex variation grading.

Place and Manipulate Pieces

Place, select, rotate, and flip pieces at will, even along the fold.

Optimize Fabric Usage

Work around damaged or unusable sections while enabling the greatest yield possible from the remaining materials.

Automated Nesting

Place pieces intelligently and efficiently with an innovative automated nesting algorithm and achieve better performance with an optimal use of multiple processor cores.

Apply Nesting Constrains

Manage the marker layout to comply with your production needs by applying constrains on markers such as piece order and orientation.

Customizable Data Reports

Generate a tailor-made report that can be used for different purposes such as material consumption and cost analysis.


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