Marker making suite

The complete solution for fast, easy and accurate marker making

Boost your business excellence by eliminating complexity from your marker workflow. With the Marker Making Suite, you can accurately calculate the cost to fulfill any customer order, and dramatically reduce material cost with highly efficient, automatic nesting.


Dramatically reduce marker making complexity, time and waste:

  • Control and group placement of pieces on the marker by virtually any attribute
  • Place restriction on markers such as fabric types and orientation of pieces
  • Place, select, rotate, and flip pieces at will, even along the fold
  • Work in manual or fully automated mode
  • Generate a report of material usage and cost calculations for each run for export to Excel

Leverage new tools for even greater efficiency saving:

  • Use the shortest possible cut route with automatic selection of optimal start point and cutting sequence
  • Improve quality control by activating cutting constraints (clockwise or counter-clockwise)
  • Reduce cut time and increase cutter life with automatic single cutting of shared cut lines

Automatic Nesting

Save fabric, time and labor, with automated, intelligent nesting optimization

Choose from three levels of nesting solutions to improve your fabric usage efficiency:

  • Basic (Nest++) – Save valuable time over manual nesting with basis automated nesting
  • Advanced (Nest++2) – Raise efficiency by up to 2.5% compared to using Nest++
  • Professional (Nest++Pro) – Increase efficiency up to 3.5% higher than possible with Nest++ (Includes Auto-Compaction and MultiCore modules)


  • Control the application’s runtime for faster result
  • Schedule “nesting queues” that generate multiple nests automatically overnight in unattended operation
  • Obtain precise cost proposals for clients, during price negotiations
  • View data in spreadsheet format for easy comparison of efficiency marker lengths, widths and process time

Boost your production room efficiency even more, with powerful new features and capabilities:

  • Export marker data in ASTM XML format
  • Easily integrate customized plug-ins (PDM-PLM systems, etc.)
  • Effortlessly calculate splices using the automated Optimized Splicing tool
  • Print barcodes for piece descriptions, reports, and other information (optional add-on)
  • Batch Marker Utility – Streamline your workflow and save time by aggregating multiple PDS files for marking and nesting