Embroidery software

We are proud to represent Pulse Microsystems and Tajima DG by Pulse, the market’s strongest embroidery program. Tajima DG by Pulse embroidery software uses the technologically superior Vector Based Embroidery (VBE) that produces the world’s best stitch quality.  This is the perfect solution for both large and small businesses.

Levels range from text management for the creation of simple logos and texts to sophisticated applications with powerful embroidery tools to create more advanced PCBs that also provide outlets for artistic and innovative ideas. Our embroidery program is very easy to use and easy to learn, so don’t hesitate to get started! There are also many different add-ons that you can supplement your program with.

Start at a level and upgrade as your business grows!

With us you can always get training in both mechanical engineering and software as well as material knowledge, to ensure the best embroidery quality. We have a recognized fast and well-functioning embroidery support.

Tajima DG by Pulse is certified for Microsoft Windows 10.