Optitex PDS 2D-3D

Optitex PDS 2D-3D

When Digital Innovation Takes the Lead, Wonderous things Can Happen

Pave Your Way towards Growth and Agility

  • Maximize the accuracy and fine tune details of your digital garment as the changes made to the 3D sample directly affect the 2D pattern.
  • Get faster to market by receiving early feedback and making faster decisions, before creating the first physical prototype.
  • Enjoy the use of cutting-edge digital tools and meet a superior design experience that is fully customizable to your needs.
  • Experience a hassle-free digital environment that is fully compatible with all major CAD formats and enables data exchange possibilities without any hardware lock-ins.
  • Create virtual samples in various sizes using advanced grading tools that allow you to easily and simultaneously grade your patterns and visualize an accurate draped result in a 3D digital environment.


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Seamlessly create digital patterns and produce pattern sizing while eliminating hundreds of manual steps in the design-development process.

Open to leading standard sw/hw formats

Share your data in various file formats, and have the freedom to continue working with your cutters, plotters and digitizers, while transitioning to our super flexible and intuitive 2D solution

Flexible, user-friendly patternmaking and nesting tools

The intuitive user interface is customizable to suit your needs and requirements. The work area is designed to maximize your design space

Smart 2D Design

Optitex 2D powers your pattern and garment design process, from start to finish. Benefit from making easy adjustments by selecting multiple points and changing them all in once. Seamlessly create, move, and open darts, and pleats, including multi-pleats, in record time.

Functional Grading

Imagine if you could seamlessly turn your base or sample size patterns into additional sizes, with just a few simple clicks? With Optitex 2D Pattern Grading tools, now, you can. Easy-to-use functional 2D Pattern Grading tools that enhance and streamline the grading process, so that you can seamlessly create a range of sizes for a single garment design – for a perfect fit, every time!

Smooth Collaboration

Optitex 2D’s Tech Pack Essentials lets you assemble all your model data, easily generate customizable documents, and view all your model data – in a flash! Just imagine, no more lengthy, error-prone processes, and all your model data up front and center, including design data, pattern pieces, grading, stitching data, and lots more.

Quality and Precision

Optitex 2D’s robust verification tools power your garment production process, with practical, easy-to-use tools, from start to finish. Enjoy real value-added functionality – quickly and easily make adjustments, compare lengths, and instantly view results on a range of sizes for a single garment design, all with a few simple clicks.


Visualize true to life virtual samples in an innovative 3D digital environment and make quick alteratioens at the click of a button with 95% accuracy.

Accurate Fabric Simulation

Delve into the fine details of your design and view precise fabric simulation.

Photo Realistic Rendering

Create and share Photo Realistic 360° images of a true to life 3D virtual sample with customized intensity of lighting and shadows for a realistic view of your creation.

Colorways and Print Placement

View style colorways and define print placement for fabrics, textures, stitches, buttons, and logos, with limitless virtual samples.

Virtual Tension Map

Inspect simulated cloth using a tension map to view the exact value of tension, distance, and stretch between the cloth and the avatar.

Multi-Stitch Tool

Boost you stitching process using an innovative multi-stitch tool.

Avatar Editor

Tailor an avatar according to your needs with our all in one avatar solution that allows you to customize Optitex/your own avatars, so you can adjust morphs, create sizes, add accessories, and visualize your garment in various poses.

Fabric Management Solution

Measure and simulate fabric in 3D based on its physical and visual properties


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