GERBERcutter DCS 1600 Single-Ply Cutting System

  • GERBERcutter DCS 2600 enkellagers skärmaskin med Pivex skärteknik

GERBERcutter DCS 1600 Single-Ply Cutting System

GERBERcutter DCS 1600 Single-Ply Cutting System with Pivex technology
Ultimate solution for material processing of complex materials

DCS 1600 is a high-speed single-ply material processing system that utilizes Gerber’s Pivex cutting technology – a high-frequency oscillating cutting motion that is capable of cutting even the most complex materials with the highest of quality.

Product Description

Provides optimal precision, throughput, and cut quality. Cuts intricate shapes with great accuracy and edge quality, without sacrificing speed. System minimizes material movement to ensure maximum precision. Cutting speed up to 1,1 meters per second.

The system comes with a manual and automatic nesting software, which makes it possible to add images directly at the cutter without going through the CAD system. CutWorks software offers a complete design, nesting and cutting solution.

GERBERcutter DCS 1600 is available in the following size:
Machine length: 2,44 m
Machine width: 2,36 m

It is also available as a modular based system: DCS 2600

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