Pattern Design & Cutting

///Pattern Design & Cutting
  • Gerber’s AccuMark® Made-to-Measure (MTM) system helps tailors and manufacturers of custom-fitted garments deliver perfectly fitting products in record time. It is the only software solution that offers true automation from pattern modification through advanced rule-based specifications and order creation. Accelerate delivery of custom garments. AccuMark MTM uses measurements derived from either high-tech, three-dimensional body scanners or traditional tape measures to create patterns. Simplify your business processes. AccuMark MTM imports order information from various sources, including mainframe computers or web pages and automatically generates and exports cut data. Increase production efficiency. AccuMark MTM also integrates with Gerber’s AccuNest™ automated marker making system to generate markers automatically, maximizing productivity and material utilization.
  • AccuMark programvara för mönsterkonstruktion

    AccuMark helps you increase productivity and accelerate time to market

    The next generation of AccuMark software will help you: Work better Increase your throughput by up to 50%. Create efficient spread and cut plans that fit with your unique production environment. Powerful, but flexible: AccuPlan makes the most of your existing marker library to optimize your workflow while saving labor and material cost. Work faster Cut your development time by two weeks. Save steps and reduce errors using smart patternmaking tools in AccuMark. Easily communicate design details and information outside of AccuMark using new integration tools with YuniquePLM. Work smarter Reduce your physical samples by up to 50%. By visualizing your samples in AccuMark 3D, you can make design decisions quickly without the time and resources it takes to make sample garment. Instantly make pattern changes and adjust image locations effortlessly on the virtual sample. AccuMark software gives you the ultimate competitive advantage.
  • AccuNest automatisk läggbildshantering

    An automated, high-speed nesting system for optimizing material yield

    This automated high-speed nesting system dramatically accelerates the marker making process and cuts costs by analyzing multiple nesting solutions and delivering the one with the highest material utilization. Calculate costs more quickly AccuNest is much faster and more efficient than manual nesting, saving you time and money. It automatically generates costing and production markers for fast, accurate material calculations. Maximize quality control AccuNest respects all material constraints applied to pieces such as directional rotation, tilt allowances and spread constraints to ensure quality and minimize costly mistakes in the cutting room. Maximize productivity With AccuNest, you can automatically generate nests 24 hours a day without human intervention to meet peak production demands without additional labor costs. AccuNest is available with two levels of computing power: AccuNest Professional Edition (PE) employs single-core computing technology to analyze multiple algorithms and deliver the optimal nesting strategy without human intervention. AccuNest Multi-Core (MC) harnesses the power of multiple computer processors to automatically generate nests that deliver up to 2 percent better material utilization than single-core nesting systems.
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  • AccuScan fotoinläsning

    Digitize hard pattern pieces using a high-quality digital camera

    AccuScan is an automated, high-speed pattern digitizing system that converts hard patterns to digital for use in Gerber’s AccuMark pattern design, grading and marker making software system. Users can capture patterns with a high-quality digital camera, large format scanner or desktop scanner. Digitize patterns quickly With AccuScan, you can scan patterns made with pattern board, oak tag, plastic or paper. You can digitize multiple patterns simultaneously, and the process is typically 20-50 percent faster than digitizing manually. Make changes on the fly AccuScan can be added to an existing AccuMark system or installed on a standalone computer. Once patterns are digitized, users can easily edit and grade them with AccuMark’s powerful functionality. Get to work right away AccuScan’s interface is simple and intuitive so even users with little computer experience can operate it easily. It automatically detects notches, grain lines, internal lines, drill holes and the part perimeter. For industries: Fashion & Apparel, Transportation, Furniture and Technical Textiles
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  • Skärmaskinsprogramvara CutWorks

    The simple, powerful software that improves cut part quality

    CutWorks software offers a complete design, nesting and cutting solution for flexible materials. It is the brains behind the GERBERcutter. With CutWorks you can import and export files using multiple formats, process data quickly, and optimize cut paths for more efficient throughput times. Faster nesting CutWorks offers several powerful nesting packages including manual nesting and multiple automatic nesting modules to improve material utilization and nesting speeds. It also delivers unparalleled matching of plaid and stripe fabrics. Improve cut part quality Fine-tune the CAD data you send to your cutter to further improve cut part quality. Automatically remove extra vertices. Control both the direction of cut and the start point to prevent material from moving during cutting. Reduce cutting times With CutWorks and the ToolPath module, you have full control over the exact order of cutting of both the data within individual parts and the order of parts within the complete nest. Reduce cutting times by following a more efficient cut path. Use on any system CutWorks cut file preparation software works on Gerber cutting systems and virtually any other automated cutting system on the market to dramatically improve cut part quality. With additional licenses of CutWorks you can prepare and optimize cut files off-line, freeing your cutting system to achieve maximum productivity. When purchasing a cutter, Gerber has designed a number of packages for distinct industries and applications. These packages are comprised of the various modules below and allow customers to fully utilize CutWorks for their specific cutting needs.
    • ApparelPack
    • CompositePack
    • FurniturePack
    • LeatherPack
    • IndustrialPack
    • TargetVisionPack
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  • Skärmaskin flerlagers Gerber Paragon
    A cutter that is easy to use, easy to maintain and capable of producing the highest quality cut parts. With Paragon, you don’t just cut better, you take every aspect of your business to an entirely new level. For Industries: Fashion & Apparel, Transportation, Furniture, Aerospace and Technical Textiles
  • Skärmaskin enkellagers GERBERcutter DCS 1500

    GERBERcutter DCS 1500 Single-Ply Cutting System for cutting samples, prototypes etc.

    The DCS 1500 GERBERcutter is a compact, high-speed, single- or low-ply, static table cutting system, designed to cut a wide variety of materials. The system is most suited to cutting samples, prototypes, or short production runs. Its cutting accuracy is measured in millimeters and it cuts at speeds up to 1.1 meters per second.
  • GERBERcutter DCS 2600 enkellagers skärmaskin med Pivex skärteknik

    GERBERcutter DCS 1600 Single-Ply Cutting System with Pivex technology Ultimate solution for material processing of complex materials

    DCS 1600 is a high-speed single-ply material processing system that utilizes Gerber’s Pivex cutting technology – a high-frequency oscillating cutting motion that is capable of cutting even the most complex materials with the highest of quality.
  • Skärmaskin enkellagers GERBERcutter DCS 2500

    GERBERcutter DCS 2500 Single-Ply Cutting Machine for production

    The DCS 2500 GERBERcutter is a high-speed, single- or low-ply, static table cutting system, designed to cut a wide variety of fabrics, like fiberglass, prepreg, carbon fiber, graphite and more. It cuts to within millimeters at speeds up to 1.1 meters per second. Can be configured into cutting lengths from 2,7 m up to a total of 36,6 m and widths from 1,4 m up to 4,8 m.
  • GERBERcutter DCS 2600 enkellagers skärmaskin med Pivex skärteknik

    GERBERcutter DCS 2600 Single-Ply Cutting System with Pivex cutting technology Ultimate solution for material processing of complex materials

    DCS 2600 is a high-speed low-ply material processing system that utilizes Gerber’s Pivex cutting technology – a high-frequency oscillating cutting motion that is capable of cutting even the most complex materials with the highest of quality.
  • Läderskärmaskin GERBERcutter Taurus II

    An automated leather cutting system

    GERBERcutter Taurus II maximizes hide yield and throughput to increase your ROI. The Taurus II static leather cutting system captures the hide shape and up to four flaw grades in seconds using a digital camera. It then analyzes the image and automatically nests parts to optimize hide yield. Make the most of your materials Taurus II features an innovative, computerized nesting engine that is 250 times more powerful than previous offerings. Gerber’s most advanced nesting system yet means more parts from every hide. Utilize the latest digital technology In just seconds, the entire hide and its flaw markings are mapped and recorded using RapidScan™ software technology embedded in a state-of-the-art digital camera mounted above the cutting table. Monitor and improve your processes Taurus II compiles comprehensive data so you can track work in progress and identify opportunities to improve processes. It also records the details of every hide, including usable area and defect area. Boost productivity, cut downtime Taurus II has fewer moving parts, simplified motor assemblies and uncomplicated cabling – all of which translate to maximum uptime and lower maintenance costs. Improve cut speed With precision, Taurus II’s rotary blade offers the fastest cut speeds. When cutting smaller, more complex parts, like footwear and leather accessories, the patented reciprocating Pivex® knife ensures parts are always cut precisely. Contact us for free testing of the Taurus for comparison with your current solution!
  • Skärmaskin enkellagers GERBERcutter Z1

    GERBERcutter Z1 helps you optimize your material processing workflow

    This next-generation automated system is the ultimate cutting solution for single-ply apparel products. The GERBERcutter Z1 is equipped with GERBERconnect remote diagnostics to ensure it’s always in top working order. Optimize your workflow The GERBERcutter Z1 helps you increase efficiency and optimize your cutting process. Comprehensive reports let you analyze system throughput, material yield, processing times, individual job statistics and more. Easy to use interface improves productivity The GERBERcutter Z1 has a simple and intuitive user interface making the workflow process easy to follow even for a novice. This will improve productivity while reducing errors and training time. Expand your system as needed The GERBERcutter Z1 is built on a new distributed control system to which many powerful options like inkjet-printed part identification and ContourVision scan-to-cut systems can be added. Embrace energy efficiency The GERBERcutter Z1 is designed for maximum energy efficiency. It has a variable vacuum regulator that adjusts the vacuum according to the task at hand – even minimizing vacuum and power consumption when the cutter is idle.
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