• Brodyrmaskin 1-huvuds Tajima TFMX-C1501
    The TFMX-C series is the best suited model for your shop business or small lot production.
  • Brodyrmaskin 1-huvuds Tajima TWMX-C1501
    The TWMX-C series is the wide type single-head embroidery machine for applications that require a larger embroidery field such as Varsity Jackets, Sports Jerseys etc. The wide type is also capable of embroidery on traditional items like Caps, T-Shirts, Pockets and Bags.
  • Brodyrmaskin 1-huvuds Tajima SAI

    The next-generation model with the digitally-controlled presser foot

    The height of the presser foot can be set to the material thickness on the operation panel. The Fabric does not flutter even on hard-to-embroider materials like leather, thick fabric, stretchy fabric and quilting. FS mode option parts make it easy to sew with hard-to-embroider thread.
  • Brodyrmaskin 1-huvuds Tajima TMBP-S1501C
    Šios serijos modelis itin tinka siuvinėjimui parduotuvėje bei mažų partijų produkcijai.